How Anger Is Unknowingly Becoming a Face of Depression?

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

If you're getting angry or irritable because of little things, then there is a piece of bad news for you. A recent study found that people who show their anger or feeling of irritability consistently over small things might be going through depression or anxiety.

Anger is an emotion which most of the times we use to show our insecurity and sadness because of someone or something. According to experts, this always doesn't mean that we are feeling angry, but it could mean that we're emotionally suffering from some trauma or pain.

Health experts involved in the research firmly believe that there's a clear linkage between sadness and a sense of being angry. But anger most of the times is the core symptom of depression and anxiety which we might are not aware of. They also studied a close relationship between anger and depression in 80% of the surveyed population. A depressed person becomes angrier in a situation, than normal people.

There is another term 'anger attack' which is known as a medical condition n which patients go through panic attacks. Meanwhile, a number of health studies on done on depression haven't concluded anger as one of the critical factors.

Psychiatrists say that they don't write any type of prescribed drugs which will reduce the level of anger in their patients. In a recent health study, researchers asked individuals a question about whether they feel angry or irritated most of the times, who are clinically depressed. Surprisingly more than half those individuals agreed that they often get irritated and angry on random talks

Humans are too much afraid to show what's actually bothering them. Those who suffer from depression might not reveal the reason behind their sadness because of the cautiousness — what people think and might judge them in the wrong way. However, it's necessary to consult a psychiatrist when there's any symptom of depression or anxiety

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