Coronavirus Outbreak: Global Markets Drop as White House Imposes New Travel Restrictions

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

The Coronavirus outbreak has led many countries to suspend all tourist visas and now the U.S. is on the list. The White House has announced that non-U.S. citizens won’t be allowed to travel from most of the Coronavirus affected countries for a month starting this Friday midnight. The move is an unprecedented attempt to fight against coronavirus and further spreading of the COVID-19 disease in the U.S. 

Trump said in an announcement, “To ensure safety and further spreading of the virus, we will be suspending all travel from virus affected countries to the U.S. for a month, starting this Friday. These restrictions can be adjusted subject to future situations. However, these rules exempt Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings.”

The suspension is only for foreign nationals who have travel history to one of the Coronavirus affected countries in the past 14 days, a tweet from White House later clarified the statement. The restriction is applied to 26 European countries but the UK is not included in this restriction. 
The tweet further said American citizens would be exempt from the restrictions and American citizens who are traveling from the U.S. restricted countries would undergo screening. Further, the restrictions would take effect at midnight Saturday, not Friday. 

Mr. Trump also initially announced the suspension would include "trade and cargo" flights, but within an hour the statement was changed with a tweet, saying: "The restriction stops people, not goods."
The decision came after the World Health Organization said the coronavirus outbreak could be more dangerous in the next few months. WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, the global health organizations are deeply concerned by the alarming levels of spread and severity of the COVID-19 disease. 

The U.S. has now 1300 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of Thursday morning, and at least 39 deaths were blamed on the virus. There have been more than 126,000 cases worldwide, and more than 4,600 people have died, reportedly. The vast majority of cases are mild, and almost half of those infected have already recovered and are declared safe.

Global stock markets have continued sliding last day on fears the virus could severely impact global economic growth this year.

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