IHRM (International Human Resource Management) Practices Can Lead To a Better Future for Expatriates

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

Every organization has an HRM department to enableappropriate deployment of human resource to maintain the quality culture and satisfy customers in home country as well as host country.

IHRM is responsible for overseeing HRM practices in host countries. International Human Resource Management is a set of activities aimed at managing human resource of an organization globally, to achieve competitive advantage over competitors. Basically, it is the process of managing people in international settings’. It includes typical HRM functions such selection, recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance appraisal, in-house employee engagement, global skills management among others.

Scyllion in 1995 defined IHRM as “the HRM problems occurring from the internationalization of business, and the HRM strategies, practice and policies which organizations pursue in order to the internationalization process.”

There are three major issues in HRM:

  • The management and development of expatriates

    • Selection of expatriates: In multinational corporations most expatriates work under minimal supervision in a distant location, mistakes in selection of the people are common and are likely to go unnoticed until it is too late. To choose the best employee for the job, recruiter should focus on

      • Emphasizing cultural sensitivity as a selection criteria

      • Considering pervious international experience

      • Screening candidates spouses and families

      • Establishing a selection board of expatriates

    • Expatriates Training: employees are most successful and productive when equipped with proper training. More importantly, cross-cultural training to prepare the candidate to live and work in a different culture.

    • Expatriate Failure: due to career blockage, culture shock, lack of cross cultural training, a tendency to take international assignments as a way to get rid of family and personal problems.

  • The internationalization of management throughout the organization

  • An intense need to internationalize the complete organization by creating a new corporate culture.

The major objectives served by IHRM includes creating a local appeal without compromising upon the global identity, train employees upon culture and sensitiveness of host country, and generate awareness of cross cultural sensitive among managers worldwide and recruiters across geographic boundaries.

To conclude, HRM has become a necessity of any organization due to its functions. IHRM is an organizational agency established by multinational entities to regulate the HR Profession, enhance competencies and capabilities while coming up with innovative and transformational HR practices and standards

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