The Era of 5G to Change the World of Advertising

  • Published Date : Oct 2019

The world is breathing in the era of IoT (Internet of Things). Every person in the world is connected to each other through the devices we use. The next generation of internet connectivity is due and the Gods of technology have blessed us with 5G. The ‘fifth generation’ of the internet is way more advanced and there are certain specifications and requirements that need to be met before the rollout happens.

The advent of 4G is not just limited to video streaming, app stores, programmatic auctions but also an entry point into the world of VR & AR and AI. With 5G, experts say advertisers and marketers would get to do a lot of things digitally.

5G tech is anticipated to send shockwaves in every industry that utilizes the internet, healthcare, automobile, media, construction among others. This will help boost the experiential marketing scene as technologies using the internet will be benefited tremendously.

5G will work as steroids for AR & VR, providing them with network capabilities to stream live content. Moreover, video streaming sites will be able to support 3D and immersive content helping experiential marketing campaigns. Additionally, the tech will increase penetration in rural areas and multiplying reach. The integration of AI will be as seamless as buttering a slice of bread. AI will be able to track, adapt and deliver content faster than ever with increased effectiveness and quality.

Immersive and mixed reality will not only be used for marketing directly, but their adoption by major brands will propel the development of original tailored content. This will create unique, dynamic and instantaneous as 5G will provide zero hang time in execution. Furthermore, hardware companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi and Huawei have already teased concepts and glimpses of phones with 5G capabilities.

Gadgets that can utilize 5G capabilities are very much under development. For instance, ‘Thalmic Labs’, backed by Amazon is on the verge of releasing smart glasses called ‘Focals’, that seamlessly integrate AR in smart devices. Imagine walking down a street and being able to ID every person that passes by you, looking at a building only to let the glasses scan a QR code or logo of the brand automatically to display an ad on the glass. It won’t be the future, it is integrating now in our daily lives

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