The Era of Wireless Technology and How It Is Going To Change Our Future

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

Wireless technology is the fastest growing industry of science recently. Its effects the overall economy of the country by affecting the employment and development sector and ultimately, the GDP ratio.

We picture ourselves looking into the future of a wireless home and a wireless office. The growing demand for the wireless spectrum has resulted in 330 wireless subscriptions in US, even more than its people. Estimations say by 2020 global internet traffic will be equivalent it 95 times the volume of the entire globe internet in 2005 which will be majorly be IP traffic from smart phones. Wireless internet and connectivity has impacted us today with as many as 3.5 billion users of internet worldwide which is projected to grow to 40.5 billion users in 2020. As now of now, 5.5 billion wireless subscribers worldwide have sent already $63 billion on wireless devices.

Wireless technology enables a billion dollar satellite to enable you to receive TV signals. the Wi-Fi technology shares signals between wifi gadgets like printers, routers ,video games, smartphones, etc. radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, satellite waves. Wireless devices like fit bands, Google glasses, fit guards with interactive health apps and automated door locks, intelligent smoke alarms, security monitors, etc for home automation and security have made us lazy but still healthy with its technology. Bluetooth headsets, hands free kits, wireless chargers in daily life have made our work easier and efficient.  EBooks, tablets, VR and smartboards for classrooms have improved teaching pal.

Wireless technology has not only improved live styles hassle free of wire and cables, but protected it with great security along with digital locks and smart safety alarms for smart buildings. As the wireless medium id physically open to all kinds of network threats, it raises issues of security concerns for safe access. The user should follow the basic ground lines of network connectivity and ensure wireless encryption.

It is estimated that Wireless connectivity speed in future will range from 3.5Gbps to over 10Gbps and shall have no particular standard to the next generation of cellular communication 5G currently which is expected to come in the 2020.

Wireless technology has helped shape our future as we know it now and it is always going to be better ahead. It has connected us in so many ways that it is impossible for us to go back in time to an earlier version of communication without technology. With the swift development it has been able to increase productivity and save lives. As time passes by, there will be better and more inexpensive technologies hitting the market and connecting us even closer with better and faster wireless technology.

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