Global Gloves Market: Demand for Disposable Gloves to Remain High During COVID-19

  • Published Date : Jun 2020

Gloves is one of the protective garments used to cover hands in order to protect from contamination. Medical gloves are the protective cover for hands which prevents against the contaminants during medical emergencies and procedures. Different types of polymer are used in manufacturing of gloves like latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene.

Medical gloves can either be powdered or unpowdered, whereas, powdered medical gloves are majorly used as it is easy to put on. Medical gloves can be classified into type types- Examination gloves and Surgical gloves. Examination glove is used by dentist, lab technician, doctors, factory workers whereas, surgical mask is used while surgery for more precision.

The global medical disposable gloves market is witnessing great upsurge and expected to reach approximately $8,444 million by 2025 registering a CAGR growth of 9.5 % during forecast period.

Prominent Market Players:

  • Ansell Healthcare
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Hartalega Holdings
  • Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd
  • Riverstone Holdings Limited

Ansell Healthcare is one of the leading manufacturers of gloves in global market which earlier operated as Dunlop, and it has recently introduced new gloves range in Chinese market. Ansell Healthcare is well-known for its best quality and variety with a wide pricing range dominating the market from past many years. Other manufacturers are also evolving and upsurging the global gloves market with new plans and strategies and a wide range of gloves according to the requirement of the market and workplace.

Market Dynamics

Raising factors: 

  • Increasing acute and chronic diseases
  • Safety rules at workplace
  • Rising number of hospitals and clinics
  • Increasing prevalence of COVID-19 worldwide

Increasing COVID cases followed by chronic cases driving market growth

Global gloves market is evolving owing to increasing cases of acute or chronic disease, presently Covid-19 is driving the gloves market because of regulations and guidelines issued by the government to be followed strictly at workplace as well as hospitals. Gloves are used not only in hospitals but also in laboratories, industries, forensics, by manicurists etc. Its application covers a wide range hence the demand is growing and expected to boost during future forecast period. Disposable gloves are generally preferred over reusable gloves as it is easy to dispose and cost efficient while reusable gloves made of rubbers and it takes much long to dispose thus, disposable gloves are preferred in every sector to protect against contaminants.


  • Impact on environmental of rubber gloves disposal


  • Developing technology
  • Investment in Healthcare sector

Market Segmentation

By product type:

  • Examination
  • Surgical
  • Chemotherapy

By uses types:

By application:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Factories

Increasing government regulations boosting the market growth in North America

The global gloves market is dominated by North America region as US covers the major gloves market share. The regulations adopted by food domain in region is also responsible for the growth of gloves market.

Similarly, Asian medical gloves market is also predicted to evolve with highest CAGR due to modification in healthcare infrastructure. Moreover, developing countries are providing immense growth opportunities for gloves market because of the rise in number of hospitals and laboratories in the region to fulfil increasing demand for safety gloves.


Global gloves market is evolving rapidly with time and is expected to witness more during forecast period. As the market is experiencing great upsurge due to coronavirus, people are getting aware regarding their safety as compared to earlier, safety measures are being adopted in every sector to prevent from hazardous diseases. With developing technology and discoveries, the market is also experiencing a boost in growth because of more demand for safety gloves. Investment by government in healthcare sector is additionally boosting the protective kit market eventually gloves market is also expected to evolve during forecast period.