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Global Anti-Depressant Drugs Market: Rising Cases of Depression to Drive the Market Growth

Increase in number of cases of depression is resulting in the massive growth of Anti-depressant drugs markets globally. Anti-depressant drugs are medication that helps relieve the symptoms of Depression. Depression includes a vast range of mental health issues categorised by the absence of positive emotions, low mood, range of associated cognitive, physical emotional and behavioural symptoms. read more

Fast Food Market Evolving Globally With changing lifestyles And Trends

Fast Food are the sort of foods served quick and acts as an alternative to home cooked food that can be preserved as well. The rising number of hotels and restaurants with changing lifestyles, taste preference and globalization is boosting the growth of fast food market globally.

According to United States of labour, the growing women employment rate is also boosting the fast foo ... read more

Why Should H1N1 Influenza Virus Vaccine Be Taken Seriously?

The H1N1 influenza virus made a health crisis in 2009. This epidemic influenced more than 0.4 million individuals in 180 nations over the globe. The letters in order H and N assign the proteins Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase present on a superficial section of the infection. This virus initially started in Mexico in March 2009, at that point influenced the U.S., after which it spread over the ... read more

Coronavirus Insights: Ongoing Updates Covering the Impact on Online Education

In the era of digitalization, it is expected to grow significantly and will be beneficial for students, professionals and also institutions. Online education is a digitally enabled learning platform which banks on the internet for interaction and distribution of diverse courses among students and teachers across the globe. With the increase of internet penetration, smartphones, and government i ... read more

Is COVID-19 Hyperventilating The Medical Ventilator Market?

A medical ventilator is a machine mainly used in hospitals to support respiratory problems also known as respirator or breathing machine. Use of ventilators is advancing in high risk patients with chronic respiratory disorders. Besides, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, which is highly associated with respiratory diseases, is creating a huge demand for ventilators.

Impa ... read more

Caffeine Market Likely to Grow Robustly Over Increasing Health and Fitness Concerns

Caffeine is a drug that is usually been consumed in a form of stimulant for the Central Nervous System (CNS). Caffeine is generally found in tea leaves, coffee beans, and guarana. Apart from the beverages it is also found in chocolate as well. Caffeine is an alkaloid which is generally in the form of white crystalline, and has a bitter taste. The consumption of this drug in an adequate amount w ... read more

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