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Is Bio-Fungicide Market another move towards sustainability?

A bio fungicide is a mixture which is made up of beneficial fungi and bacteria that colonize and assail plant pathogens, and therefore stop and prevent the diseases which are caused by them. They are present in the soil naturally which makes them environment friendly alternative to the other chemical fungicides present in the market.

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Automotive Metal Casting Industry: Asia Pacific Likely to Emerge as A Leader

Metal casting is a process which is being practiced for thousands of years now. They are broadly used for preparing bronze sculptures, precious metals like jewellery, weapons and tools. Casting is a process in which a liquid metal is transferred into a mould that contains a hollow shape. This shape is the one which the maker desires. Complex automotive structures & shapes are also made thro ... read more

Is There Actually Scope for COVID-19 Antibody Detection Kit Market?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had recently quoted antibody kits as a “game changer”. Antibody tests are being considered to have the ability to help in returning to normal lifestyle by revealing who has been exposed, or who is immune, to coronavirus. Therefore, seeing the growing i ... read more

How Adoption of AI in The Healthcare Will Affect the Healthcare Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered to be in relation with computing that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that works and reacts like humans. Some of the activities that computers designed with AI perform include: speech recognition, learning, planning, problem solving and many more in which till today humans were considered to be the superior ones. Various industries are dep ... read more

Infrared Thermometers Market: North America Emerges with Highest Market Share, APAC To Grow at A Fast Pace Due to Increasing Opportunities

An infrared thermometers is used for to measure temperature of the body without any physical contact. An infrared thermometer is accurate and easy to use. These devices measure temperature on the forehead from a distance between 1.2 and 6 inches from the body. The operational advantage of infrared thermometer is the accuracy, smaller size, low cost, easy to use and less need for setting. read more

How Use of Blockchain Tech Will Affect the Demand of The Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Across the Globe?

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market: Cloud computing allows healthcare providers to have easy access to the patient data and information collected from various sources. Healthcare providers are now deploying this technology to gain productivity, making the best possible use of workflows, reduce overheads associated with healthcare conveyance and offer personalization in care plans for better outc ... read more

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