How to Cope with Financial Stress and Uncertainty of Coronavirus?

  • Published Date : Jun 2020

The diabolical catastrophe of COVID-19 delivered many human lives, dismantled industries, resulted in the loss of jobs. The crisis itself has made an impact on a great level many have suffered losses along with the utmost possibility of the worldwide recession.

This has made the governments take steps into sustainable measures to cope up with unprecedented monetary funds as assurance. According to an American consulting firm, the overall estimate of the stimulus ensured to its citizens comes to a whopping $10 trillion. Upon consulting with the global executives, it was stated that the world will take almost three quarters and more than 5 years to get back to pre-crisis.

The ongoing spread out of the disease makes us scared for our health and lives. This makes us highly frugal of our spending. Thus, resulting to be distancing us from the economic recovery.

In this scenario, much needs to plan our finances. To do so it is most important to make assumptions and anticipate future needs about appetite, deposit funds, and flexibility of our money to these types of unforeseen circumstances.

An excellent strategy would be to decimate any out stream of expenses that are not of the highest relevance. In these uncertain days, it is suggested to set up an emergency fund. To start this is to check up the bank statements and credit cards for example women saving on saloons, gym, online subscriptions also a smart way is to get in touch with the bank if they are most likely to offer a relief on interest or late fees this goes vice a versa if one is unable to pay the debts.

If done the right way one is most likely to benefit from the tax refunds with the stimulus and unemployment benefits provided in the states can not only get you through but allow you ample time to figure out the road thereafter.

For investors, the best bet is to save money in deposits and get the return in terms of interests, in like for aggressive investors the time is not right to make big bets on the stock markets however as it is still uncertain that how bad stocks are going to fall as the virus has still not been eradicated. Things could get unpleasant before they get better is why it is suggested to build financial flexibility due to the uncertainty as you should cut debt and have more savings.

To conclude it is much advised to go through the offerings provided by the government along with reaping benefits of lower interest rates. Last among the stated important things to do come this most important is to take care of yourself and your family's well-being. We unite and it's the togetherness that makes all of the difference and powers us to come out of this uncertainty and despair.

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