In which format do you provide the report?

We offer two forms of delivery: Hard and Soft copy

  • Soft Copy is sent through email in a pdf or download file.
  • A hard copy can be sent to the client’s preferred location.

Can I ask for a refund once the payment has been made?

Due to the nature of information being sold, we don’t take back the products once sold. We are always open to help our clients with their queries and concerns. Meanwhile, we don’t support any return or refund policy.

What modes of payment did the company offer?

We offer following modes of payment: Online Payment through cards and Wire Transfer Credit cards we accept-

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express

Is the payment mandatory before order delivery?

Our policies and nature of the product do not allow us to deliver the order before payment. However, we ensure timely delivery of the once the order is confirmed.

Will I receive an invoice or receipt of order confirmation?

An invoice against your purchase will be sent to your preferred email immediately after the purchase. RI also provides its clients with Pro-forma invoices; to simplify purchase decisions.

How soon the purchased report will be delivered?

The reports will be delivered within 2 to 48 hours, or on the date assured by you, post-payment confirmation. Sometimes a delay in delivery can be witnessed on account of the difference in time zones. However, all published reports are dispatched within two working days of payment confirmation.

Can I purchase individual sections of the report?

Yes, we do offer individual sections of the report. Please contact our sales team with this request, they will assist you further.

Do you provide assistance or sales support after the delivery of the product?

Concerning our policy, payments once made are non-refundable, but we put our endless efforts in the completion of a report. With this in mind, we provide post-sales support to all our clients. You can request for a call time with the analyst or directly draft an email regarding your request.