The Mankind Vaccine: How a COVID Vaccine will be Tested Worldwide to Reduce Fearness

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

We are living in unprecedented times.

The 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) disease has transformed into a worldwide mankind tragedy which has caused a major threat to the human race and economic devastation. The virus widespread has affected us socially, emotionally, physically, as well as economically becoming the biggest ever a menace to the human civilization in the recent past.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic 2019 widespread has proved to be a turning-point for the most of us. It has changed the mannerism we conduct ourselves and think about things. Thus, as a result of this unexpected and unfavourable change in habits and state-of-mind has had a laborious impact on economies. Our ways and characteristics have substituted and each and every one of us is living in a new world.

The Coronavirus Disease is like a tidal wave and has forever changed my perspective on contagious diseases and the economy. The globe is facing humanity’s biggest crisis since World War II and these are unprecedented times that we all are going through.

As a community, we carry on through the journey of this universal epidemic, but there is ultimately a thing with feathers, endurance, and hopefulness at the end of the tunnel. The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are presently undergoing a fast-track review by the United States (U.S) food and drug administration and the European authorities which provide safety and efficacy data for the stage III clinical trials. COVID-19 has become a major threat to people’s lives across the globe and is one of the most solid concerns right now for the human-race. The Government of India has initiated in bringing in two new coronavirus disease vaccines that have been prescribed as the emergency acceptance for India’s immunisation plan of action.  Firstly, the Oxford vaccine is known as “Covishield” in India whereas the second vaccine, which is a domestic product ‘Covaxin’ is however prepared and developed by the pharmaceutical firm ‘Bharat Biotech’.

The COVID-19 vaccination and immunization race has become one of the most critical races of our time and the formulation of various coronavirus vaccine candidates has exhibited the rapid response of the medical and scientific community to global health challenges.

Since worldwide acquisition and distribution proposition already under development, coronavirus vaccine equity should remain a topmost priority. Initiatives such as COVAX are a key to ending the coronavirus widespread and more cooperation and transparency is required across all subdivisions.

Lastly, the turning point of the human race will not be the one that ends first, but if and how we can deliver an equitable vaccine, all mankind through the levels of geographies and revenue. We have to make sure that health remains a fundamental human right and the right to health must continue to be at the heart of coronavirus vaccine innovation and implementation, for this epidemic and beyond.

Here’s hoping that all this end very soon and we all remain healthy and remain clean & safe.

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