What does Women Empowerment have to do with Society Development?

  • Published Date : Jul 2023

Almost a decade ago or two who had imagined that women will be the society’s over-shadowed backbone? With the passing time, women have developed them into each and every role that a man does! Now, women have a career despite the roles of a wife, a housekeeper and a mother.  Still when a woman wants to pursue her career in something there comes a question – who would take care of all the household work done by her? This is needless to say Women Empowerment has not been the need of the hour, but it is the need for a much longer time period.

How the value of a woman has changed?

It was a time where women were ignored fragments of the general public but now they are considered equal of any and all men. Though today, the agenda is still in the progress, we have come a long way.

In the past time, women received pretty much appreciation for anything they did. Fast forward today, the world is still somehow a male-dominated society, but we care and respect how and what a woman does.

Although the women have spread their wings from all parts of the world and society has improved their ways, there are still some parts where the vicious discrimination among men and women continues to run. The value of a woman should be realized thoroughly all over the world today. Women, today deserve of having and making decisions in organizations just like any other individual out there.

What women have achieved today?

As a woman, I believe no matter what we do and where we reach, we must empower each and every woman out there. We must take the necessary steps in order to show our potential.

We need to show the world that they depend on us and that women are the ones holding it together. Though this has a long way to go, the world is changing from a woman’s perspective; there have been significant changes to take place.

Today, women are celebrated athletes, corporate personalities, influential politicians, computer programmers, technology executives, Oscar-winning actresses, motivational speakers, etc. They are much more than playing a single role! Not just successful in their careers, these women are also wives and mothers.

Let’s take insights through the profile of such women!

Serena Williams- One of the most renowned female athletes of all time. She’s one of the top players of her game at the age of 36.

Michelle Obama- She is the former First Lady of the US. She is a lawyer, city administrator, and author, and the first African American woman to become the First US Lady.

Meryl Streep- The greatest film actresses with a total of 21 Oscar Nominations throughout the years and has won 3 of them. She carriers multiple other nominations and wins on her name and is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood.

Angela Dorothea Merkel- At the age of 65, she is the world’s most powerful woman since 2011, according to Forbes. She is a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

Oprah Winfrey- CNN and Time have called her the most influential woman in the world. She has been constantly active in book recommendations, philanthropic activities, human rights awareness, and political activity around the world.

Women Empowerment is the development of a woman's sense of self-worth, her decision-making power, her access to opportunities and resources, her power and control over her own life in her own way, and her ability to affect change.

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